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Welcome to fostering! You should feel very good: you made a choice to save a life!   Whether you’re a pro and have had dogs all your life or are brand new and need some skills, these resources will help you with issues you may come across with your new little friend before moving on to their forever home.

Topics include:

About your Shih Tzu:

History of Shih Tzu

Basic Information on Shih Tzu ( http://www.vetstreet.com/dogs/shih-Tzu

Tzu 411

Socialization period - where a puppy learns how he fits into the pack


Expectations as a foster:  

What you can expect and what is expected of you: 



Training equipment

Considerations in Training

Key elements of positive reinforcement training  

Training secrets and tips from obedience classes

Re-housetraining your adult dog

Resource Aggression

Special Cases: The puppy mill and backyard breeder dog

Rehabilitation of Puppy Mill Dog (credit: www.anewstartonlife.com/puppymillhtm )

The Adoption Process: Finding that forever family for your foster dog

Potential adopters: What they need to know during home visit

How to Choose the Right Rescue Dog for You  - article from Modern Dog

Special Care: Taking care of you:

Compassion Fatigue and Fosters

Could You Open Your Heart and Home? -article on Fostering from Modern Dog

Facebook and the Totally Abandoned Dog - article on social media and rescue from Modern Dog Magazine



Information from:

Bloomington Obedience Training Club, 8127 Pleasant Ave S,  Bloomington, MN 55420 952-888-4998

Minnesota Valley Humane Society Canine U (Now closed)

Michelle Bender and Kim Townsend on Rehab of Puppy Mill Dogs: www.anewstartonlife.com/puppymill.htm