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Sasha is new to the NorthStar ShihTzu Rescue, she was rescued on 10-01-2022. Sasha is 3 years 4 months old. Sasha weighs 10.5 pounds. Sasha has been spayed, and is up-to-date on vaccines. She is good with other dogs, but is still skittish around new people and children, so children over 12 would be preferred.

She also has a condition called Pigmentary keratitis refers to a brownish-black discoloration of the surface of the eye, caused by the deposition of pigmented melanin granules. She was seen by an eye specialist. Results are; she has 25% vision in her left eye, she has 100% vision in her right eye, with a grayish blur. She will require Eye drops each night to prevent this from getting worse and will require Vet visits to keep an eye on her condition. Her next visit should be scheduled 6 months from now. This doesn’t hinder Sasha in any way.
Sasha has learned a lot since coming to the rescue. Because I have other dogs, at feeding time, they get their bowl of food when I call their names. Sasha has learned to wait until her name is called. Sasha loves treats and isn’t so patient when it’s treat time, she wants them all, lol. She will steal treats if she gets the chance too, lol. Sasha is a lady but not when it comes to doing zoomies and playing keep away, after she poops. She’s so cute and I let her have her fun. Sasha also has nightmares at night. We believe she was picked on when in the mill. Soothing her helps calm her down and she goes right back to sleep. Sasha benefits from consistency and routine. Sasha enjoys sleeping next to our other foster Gracie. Sasha is such joy and fun to have around. She still needs to be leash trained and doesn’t climb stairs yet. She does good about going out to potty and will use pee pads indoors. If you would like to adopt this precious girl, please fill out an online application.

My adoption fee, including MN state taxes, is $397.50. I'm available to adopt within a 50 mile radius of the Twin Cities of Minneapolis/Saint Paul.

To submit an adoption application, please click here to fill out an online application.

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