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"Hi, I'm Addie!

I was rescued during a raid on a puppy mill located in an abandoned underground bomb shelter in Indiana. I came to NSSTR and have been spayed, had a dental (my teeth feel MUCH better now, and had to have a bunch of shots - OUCH!!! I am a friendly little girl, with a beautiful chestnut colored coat (if I do say so mysel!). "

My adoption fee, including MN state taxes, is $321.83. I'm available to adopt within a 50 mile radius of the Twin Cities of Minneapolis/Saint Paul.

If you'd like to meet me, please attend NorthStar's Nice To Meet Tzu adoption events, held the second Sunday of each month from 12-2pm at the Edina Chuck & Don's (I'm sorry, I'm not available for private meet and greets, please check the Events calendar the day before to see if I'm attending.)

To submit an adoption application, please click here to fill out an online application.

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